Current Exhibitions

Studio Art

This exhibit showcases the works of young artists enrolled in Olga Guy’s after school art program. During the school year, students between 9 and 13 years old spend their afternoons learning about the elements of art and principles of design while working on individually conceived projects. Today they share with our community the result of their commitment and their love for the visual arts.

I am very excited to present this show, not only because I am very fond and proud of my students, but also because they are a group of very talented young people who have been working hard to learn new things to create these beautiful paintings and they really deserve all of our respect and admiration. Guiding these gifted children on their path of self-discovery through the arts so that they can become exceptional citizens and artists is my mission, and is a very rewarding way to support the future of our art community in Bay County.

Please take the time to visit the public library next month and enjoy this art show. I hope this exhibit inspires you to keep learning or inspires some parents to support their children reach their full potential.

For information about art classes for your child, please visit


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